Repaired boiler and heating system

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Fixed the heating system twice, fixed also the electric plugs of the kitchen. The work has always been done perfectly and on time

Louis came to my place multiple times to fix different things that weren’t working properly, from the heating system to the electric plugs of my kitchen, and he also changed an entire light system. He has done the job perfectly every time, he always came to my place on time, trying to come also the same day after work time or during the weekend if I had an emergency. On the top of being very well skilled professionally, he is also very, very nice, and trusted him to the point to leave him alone in my place and come back few hours later when the job was done. He is highly recommended.

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Customer in London ( 1 ) 3 November 2017

Boiler and hot water fixed

Workers are very helpful and friendly. Finished the job professionally. I would very recommend it.

@ Verified By EmailCustomer in West Drayton ( 1 ) 7 January 2018